Twins Walking In All 50 States To Support Foster Care

Foster care family

Photo: Getty Images

Twin brothers Davon and Tavon Woods from South Carolina are walking 20 miles in each U.S. state to raise awareness about the foster care system. The brothers have already covered more than 20 states and plan to reach all 50.

Inspired by their own experiences in foster care, the twins founded an organization called Foster Kids Matter. "Instead of allowing our past to defeat us, we allow it to motivate kids all around the world," Davon explains. Their ultimate goal includes opening high-quality foster care and housing facilities for young people aging out of the system. The brothers also run a program called "Keeping It Fresh," which partners with foster care organizations to provide new shoes for children in care.

Davon and Tavon received a $10-thousand donation from Designer Brands on "Good Morning America" to help Foster Kids Matter reach its goals. "We are going to make sure this gets used and make sure these kids are blessed," Davon says of the donation, then adds, “We just want to let kids all around the world know that they can make it.”

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