WATCH: Young Umpire Saves Little Leaguer From Dust Devil

Young boy playing catcher in Youth League baseball game

Photo: Getty Images

In a recent youth baseball game in Jacksonville, Florida, teen umpire Aidan Wiles made an unexpected safe call - saving a seven-year-old from a mini whirlwind. Aidan, a high school junior, usually spends his time behind the plate calling balls and strikes. However, when a dust-filled vortex called a dust devil began swirling behind home plate, he sprang into action.

With wind speeds estimated to be up to 40 mph, Aidan jumped in to rescue Bauer Zoya, the young catcher, from the spinning dirt. “I just saw him freaked out, just like couldn’t find his way out and I knew his little body couldn’t handle it,” Aiden explains, “So I just rushed in and got him.”

The umpire’s heroic actions were captured in a video posted online, which is now going viral. Bauer was initially terrified, but was relieved when Aiden came to his aid, saying, "At first, I was scared, but I thought the twister got me, but it was Aidan, and I could breathe again.”

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