4th Grader Saves Classmate From Drowning On Field Trip

Happy kids swimming underwater in pool

Photo: Getty Images

A brave fourth grader from West Virginia has been praised as a hero after he saved another student who suffered a seizure during a school field trip. Students from Anna Jarvis Elementary School were enjoying their day at Mylan Park Aquatics Center when Mark Vincent noticed his classmate, Rex Crawford, showing signs of a seizure while in the pool.

Mark quickly acted, pulling Rex to the side of the pool where an adult was able to lift him out. "I’m thankful God put me there at that hour," Mark says. Although the ordeal was "pretty scary" for Rex, he says he's experienced similar incidents before. And Mark has had some experience, too, since his mother, Kerra Poling, has had epileptic seizures in the past. Poling believes this contributed to her son’s swift response.

The young hero has this advice for others who might face a similarly difficult situation: "If you see anyone drowning or unconscious, save them straight away, because something bad can happen if you don’t." Rex is thankful for his classmate’s help and as a token of his gratitude, he gifted Mark a toy T. rex.

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