California Bank Robber Gets A Hug

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Photo: Getty Images

When Michael Armus Sr. went to the Bank of the West in Woodland, California, to deposit a check, he didn't anticipate becoming a hero. He found himself in the midst of a bank robbery when Eduardo Placensia, an acquaintance from his past, passed a note to a teller, claiming to have explosives and demanding money.

Armus recognized Placensia and decided he needed to intervene. Sensing despair in his voice, Armus questioned him about his employment and learned that he felt out of options and wanted to go to prison. The 69-year-old comforted his former neighbor, coaxing him outside of the bank for a heart-to-heart conversation that ended in a compassionate hug. Armus’ kindness brought Placensia to tears.

Shortly afterwards, police arrived to arrest the unarmed Placensia for attempted robbery. Police later praised Armus, referring to him as a "Good Samaritan who delivered the right message that made a difference." Reflecting on the incident, Armus believes fate had placed him in the bank that day.

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