Detroit Cop Delivers Cookie To 94 Year-Old Woman Every Week

Close-up of senior black woman with hands folded over crane

Photo: Getty Images

When 94-year-old Detroit resident Gracie Majors took a fall while riding on a city bus on her way to pick up her favorite molasses cookies from Eastern Market, Detroit Transit Police Sergeant Corey Garrison responded to make sure she was okay. She declined being taken to the hospital, so Garrison insisted on driving her home.

At Major’s home, Garrison met her grandson and asked if it was okay if he came back later to check on the nonagenarian. Garrison and Majors struck up a friendship and the sergeant started making weekly visits to his new friend and accompanying her to the market to get those molasses cookies. "She actually turned me on to those cookies, they are good and remind me of ginger cookies,” Garrison says.

Grateful for Garrison’s assistance and their talks, Majors now looks forward to his visits as does the sergeant. And he says their story demonstrates the valuable community connections that his job can lead to.

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