Brave Tween Helps Road Worker After Hit And Run

Signs warning drivers to prepare to stop, keep to a 40 kilomtre per hour speed limit and heed the worker with a stop sign

Photo: Getty Images

A 12-year-old Michigan girl is being praised for helping a road worker injured in a hit-and-run incident. Last Friday, a flagger was diverting traffic from a closed road that was being repaved when a driver, mad about the delay, began arguing with the road worker. Emma Ortiz and her mom, Holly, were in the car behind the man arguing with the worker, watched the whole scene unfold, and the tween pulled out her phone to film the incident.

Oakland County Road Commission public information officer Craig Bryson says the driver “became increasingly agitated” and eventually hit the flagger with his vehicle before fleeing the scene. Fortunately, Emma captured it all on her phone, including the suspect’s license plate number. She and her mother were also there to come to the worker’s aid and Emma’s mom took control of the situation, picking up the flag to keep traffic away from the downed worker.

Bryson praised Emma and her mom’s “presence of mind” in the difficult situation and although police weren’t immediately able to track down the suspect, since they have his license number thanks to Emma, it’s only a matter of time. Holly couldn’t be prouder of her daughter, saying, "It just makes me feel good that she knows what to do in that situation and she doesn't think twice. She would just help someone else out."

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