Florida Teen Crowned World's Fastest Typist

Overhead view of cropped finger pressing enter key on laptop computer's keyboard

Photo: Getty Images

Not all heroes have capes…sometimes they have keyboards. A 16-year-old Florida-based YouTuber with the handle “mythicalrocket” has obliterated the record for how many words per minute a person can type. After posting the video online, the teen boasts a score of a whopping 300 words per minute.

Just to put that number in perspective, the average typing speed is about 40 words per minute and those of us who are really good can usually up that to 60-70 words per minute. So, what does mythicalrocket owe their success to? “I think the way that I cultivated this speed was through gaming and old Skype/Discord text chats,” they said. The site the new champ used MonkeyType for anyone who wants to take a run at the high score.

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