This Magic Show For Dogs Leads To Adoptions

Magician or illusionist is showing magic trick. Blue stage light in background.

Photo: Getty Images

John Stessel is a talented and experienced magician. He's performed many big shows -- and now he's taking some time out of his busy schedule to perform his tricks at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey ... for shelter dogs.
For sure. The dogs enjoy the show.

But John also knows that anyone looking on will see just how much fun the dogs are having -- and their adorable reactions end up helping the dogs get adopted.
"One of my small little superpowers is I can just help dogs show off in a way that they couldn't without me," John said. "Typically in the video the dogs just go nuts and they all have really different reactions."

His work pays off, as most of the dogs he works with end up finding permanent homes and loving families.

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