Young Boy Saves Baby Deer From Drowning

Cute fawn standing on grass

Photo: Getty Images

A Long Island 12-year-old is being hailed a hero for rescuing a baby deer from his family’s backyard pool. Anthony Masaitis was at home recently when his dad, Gregory Masaitis, called him over to the window to see a fawn that was walking through the backyard of the family’s St James, New York, home. They watched in horror as the tiny deer approached their pool and tumbled over the edge into the water.

In a now viral video, Anthony can be seen rushing out to the pool to try and help the confused fawn. The sixth-grader manages to fish the baby deer out of the pool, but then it stumbles back into the water, so he rescues it again. The fawn takes a second to get its land legs back and then ambles off into the woods.

Anthony later learned that the fawn was likely just a few hours old. "I couldn't stop thinking all night, is she going to be okay? Did she find her mother?" Anthony says. They got their answer the next day when the family spotted the doe and her fawn together in the woods behind their house. Anthony has now become a bit of a celebrity among his classmates but he’s just glad to have had a part in saving such a precious creature.

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