Tough Grandpa Saves Woman And Son From Being Robbed At Gunpoint

Robber with an aming gun

Photo: Getty Images

This past weekend Herb Hibbs had returned to his car in the parking lot at Fern Creek Park in Louisville, Kentucky, after celebrating his grandson’s birthday when he heard cries for help and saw two men attempting to rob a woman with a young boy. "I see a lady on the ground,” he recalls, “The two gentlemen over just beating her, trying to steal her purse, and grab her phone, her keys, getting in her pockets."

Hibbs rushed to the woman’s aid, yelling for the attackers to get off her, at which point one of the robbers pulled a gun and hit the boy on the head. Hibbs then grabbed the guy with the gun and wrestled him to the ground, leading to the other man running toward them and bashing Hibbs in the head, putting him in a daze. He says when he regained his whereabouts, he chased the attackers into the nearby woods.

According to Hibbs, the woman was taken to the hospital, but not before thanking him for intervening. Even though the attackers left him with a head wound, Hibbs knows he’s lucky it wasn’t any worse. But he’s glad he jumped in and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. "You know, that could have been my daughter … anybody's daughter,” Hibbs says, “And I'd hope somebody would do the same for her.”

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