Co-workers Gift Car To Server Who Rode Bike 3 Hours To Work

Rear view of businessman riding bicycle on bridge in city

Photo: Getty Images

Samson Adams’ bosses at the Texas Roadhouse in Paducah, Kentucky, noticed that he was often tired at work and asked him why. Adams told Texas Roadhouse community ambassador Joelle Long that to get to work, he was riding his bicycle about 30 miles each way, spending hours riding in the hot sun.

Long started giving Adams rides to work and was soon compelled to help make the hard worker’s life a little easier. "I started picking him up. We started talking," Long says. "The more I talked to him, the more I get to know him, the more I loved him. The more I felt like this guy really deserves someone to give him a little bit of help."

So Long turned to their followers on social media to see if they could rally to help a member of their “work family.” She also created a crowdfund for people to donate to the cause, and soon they’d blown past their goal, raising over $6-thousand to help get Adams a car. Long shared the good news with Adams, who was left speechless about the community’s kindness. And now his three-hour bike commute has turned into a breezy 30-minute drive. "Thank you very much Paducah. Come and see me at Texas Roadhouse,” Adams says to his supporters, “I'll be the best server I can be."

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