Blind Man Accused Of Staring At Woman In Gym Gets Kicked Out

Blind man wearing dark glasses and holding a cane

Photo: Getty Images

A blind man has revealed how he was once 'removed' from the gym after a woman thought he was knowingly staring at her and 'being creepy'. Blind footballer Toby Addison - who was born sighted - started to lose his vision from the age of 11. In his early teens, he was was 80 percent blind and now only has 4 percent of his eyesight left.
However, Toby has since become a TikTok sensation after garnering over 250k followers by sharing stories of his life experiences as a blind person.

Explaining what went down in a TikTok video posted earlier this year, Toby said: "Once I was in the gym, minding my business on a machine, doing whatever exercise, and I hear someone a few meters away, say, 'ah, do you like the view?'.

"I'm thinking to myself, 'uh oh, we've got a bit of a gym freak here, I wonder what idiot is looking at this poor woman making her uncomfortable'.

"I don't hear a response from whoever she's talking to. But then I hear again, much closer to me now, 'uh did you hear me? Why are you staring at me?'."

He added: "Now, I don't look stereotypically blind. But one thing I do do especially when I'm focusing is to stare into the distance.

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