14 Year-Old Saves Summer School Classmate From Choking

Teen boy holds himself by the throat and suffocates

Photo: Getty Images

During summer school at Winfield High School in St. Louis, Missouri, 14-year-old Travin Sambo was sitting in health class when his friend, Trey Lawson, went into a fit of coughing. Well known as the class comedian, Lawson had been showing off a marble he found earlier and decided to put it in his mouth. Then another classmate made a funny comment and when Lawson laughed, he inhaled the marble, leaving him gasping for air.

At first Sambo thought it might be one of his friend’s pranks, but he soon realized his buddy was in serious trouble and he jumped up to help him. Using the Heimlich maneuver that he’d learned from an episode of “Young Sheldon,” Sambo managed to get the marble dislodged from Lawson’s throat.

Later that day, the school staff praised Sambo's quick thinking and the teen’s mom expressed amazement that her son knew exactly what to do in the moment. The two buddies are now hoping the rest of their summer school session is less eventful and they can enjoy what’s left of their summer before their freshman year starts in a couple of months.

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