WATCH: Long Delay Causes Single Passenger Flight

The empty cabin of an airplane

Photo: Getty Images

So many travelers have had their flights cancelled or delayed in the past week due to severe weather, but at least one traveler didn't seem to mind, even though he was delayed more than 17 hours.

Phil Stringer was told his flight from Oklahoma City to North Carolina was delayed but was given no estimate for how long the delay would be. Other passengers booked on his flight gave up after a while and either caught different flights or gave up altogether. But Stringer decided to stick it out as long as it took and he's glad he did. After 17 hours and 52 minutes, his flight finally began boarding -- and he was the only one on the plane. It was just him and the flight crew, and they all had a blast. Stringer shared a video of his empty plane and crew on TikTok and joked that he bought every seat on the plane so he wouldn't have to deal with people.

By the time the flight was over, Stringer had become friendly with the crew and even exchanged phone numbers. He says they've actually kept in touch via text.

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