Pregnant Woman Says Her Husband's Breath Makes Her Gag

Heartburn in throat in pregnant woman, studio shot on white background

Photo: Getty Images

Tastes and smells tend to change when a woman gets pregnant. Unfortunately for one woman, the newly repulsive smell includes her husband. A woman in Australia named Maxi Ducer recently told a local news outlet that her husband’s breath made her feel “physically sick” while she had her first bun in the oven. Ducer described the smell as “worse than morning breath” and made her feel like she was going to throw up.

You can meet the couple by clicking on the text below, but we've also included our favorite gagging TikTokker!

So, what sparked the sudden revulsion? “I had hyperemesis so I had severe morning sickness and had to be admitted to hospital so I have had it a lot worse,” explained Ducer. However, the mama admits she didn’t even need a pregnancy test when it happened again. Once she started getting the yuck factor around her hubby, she knew she was pregnant again.

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