Iowa Man Gets Engaged, Hits Lottery Jackpot The Next Day

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Photo: Getty Images

On June 23rd, Nick Miller of Bernard, Iowa, got engaged to his girlfriend Lauren Timmerman and, as if that wasn't enough, he hit the jackpot the following day, winning over $390-thousand in the Iowa Lottery.

While grabbing a morning coffee and breakfast pizza at a convenience store in Cascade, Miller bought a $30 Super 7s Progressive InstaPlay lottery ticket, which ended up being a big winner. "I had to do a double-take and check them again,” he recalls, “Sure enough, it was the winner." Fortunately for Miller, the jackpot had been growing since April, leading to the oversized win.

At first, Miller kept the jackpot a secret, but delivered the big news while vacationing with his new fiancee in Florida, promising Timmerman that the money will go toward their wedding and home. “There is the wedding and a house to start doing some work on,” Miller says. “It will definitely go a long way towards both of those.”

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