Passerby Rescues Two Small Children Locked In Hot Car

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Photo: Getty Images

A pregnant Houston woman is being praised for coming to the rescue of two young children trapped inside a hot car. The anonymous good Samaritan noticed the two boys, ages nine months and two years old, inside a Jeep Cherokee with the windows rolled up in the middle of a West Houston Target parking lot on a blistering hot day. “You could see them sweating and crying,” the good Samaritan recalls, “So I immediately called 911.”

Police arrived within two minutes and had to break the car’s window to save the two little boys. Authorities say the children were sweating and lethargic and their skin was hot to the touch. Security footage from the Target confirms that the children were in the car for around 40 minutes. Temperatures topped 98 degrees in Houston that day and officials believe the interior of the car reached 136 degrees. The children were treated on sight and fortunately, they weren’t permanently injured by the incident.

The boys’ mother returned to the car with a third child in tow after police had saved the two boys. She gave conflicting excuses for leaving the children in such a dangerous situation and was reportedly more concerned about the consequences of her actions than the children’s safety. The mother is being charged with child endangerment and authorities are taking the opportunity to warn the public about how dangerous the situation was and how quickly it could have turned deadly.

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