WATCH: Florida Woman Gives Tour Of Her Super Weird House

Family looking at house

Photo: C.J. Burton / The Image Bank / Getty Images

A Florida woman recently purchased a 100-year-old house at an auction for the very low price of just $59,000, but she had to buy it sight unseen. That leaves open the possibility of finding something unusual, and she sure did.

The woman, identified only as Mallory, bought the house as a DIY project and gave a tour of it on TikTok. She showed off some of its unusual features, including outdoor siding on an inside wall, bedroom doors with knockers on them, and a jail cell in the basement. That's right, a jail cell. Mallory explains that the house at one point was owned by a state patrolman who would keep criminals locked up down there when the town jail was closed. Then once the jail opened in the morning he would transfer the prisoner to the lockup.

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