Woman Sells, Live In Van, To Pay For Facelift

Senior woman after facial cosmetic surgery.

Photo: Vincent Besnault / The Image Bank / Getty Images

Everyone needs to set their priorities, and one California woman put a facelift at the top of hers -- even though it meant having to live out of her van.

50-year-old Kelly Beasley, a blogger who lives in Lake Tahoe, wasn't happy that her face was "dropping fast" so she decided to have the cosmetic surgery. It's a pricey procedure, so to afford it, she sold her three-bedroom house and moved into her van. Then, to make it even more affordable, Beasley chose to have the procedure done in Tijuana, Mexico, where the cost was about a third of what she was being quoted in California. She said, "The results are beyond what I expected," and that she's never been happier.

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