That Was A Close One: Baby Reunited With Favorite Stuffie

stuffed lion toy

Photo: Joa_Souza / iStock / Getty Images

When Brittany Lakene’s son lost his favorite stuffed lion in the Walmart on the southside of Hanover, Pennsylvania, she turned to social media looking for help. Posting in the Hanover Anonymous Watch Group Facebook page, Lakene asked if anyone had seen her son’s beloved stuffie. She knew it was a long shot, so she was astonished by the response.

The mom received an outpouring of supportive messages. Some were offering to help her get her son a new lion stuffie and others were recounting their own stories of losing their favorite toy or blankie. But then she got a message from a Walmart employee who’d found the stuffed lion and assured her it was in good hands.

After hearing the good news, Lakene rushed to the Walmart with her son to pick up the stuffie. At the store, Walmart employees were eager to see the boy reunited with his lion. Lakene posted pics of the touching moment online, adding how much she appreciated all the help. “I truly am so happy and grateful,” she writes, “And little buddy is so very happy!”

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