WATCH: Kid Has A Special Version Of Ding Dong Dash

The female hand presses a button doorbell with camera and intercom

Photo: FORGEM / iStock / Getty Images

In mid-July, 13-year-old Jacksen Proell of Minnesota was out on a snack run with some friends when they decided to play a game of ding dong ditch. But instead of playing along and running after ringing the doorbell at Ashley Mann’s house, Jacksen decided to stick around and deliver a message of hope and positivity to the home’s owner.

As his friends run off in the background, doorbell video catches Jacksen looking straight at the camera and saying, "You matter, all right? There's always gonna be someone that cares about you. And you're a good person. No matter what people say, you matter.” Mann, who was on vacation when the doorbell notification came in, was deeply touched by the teen’s message and shared the video on TikTok.

The post of Jacksen’s message has been viewed over 5-million times, liked by more than 800-thousand, and received 10-thousand comments. The teen was surprised by the widespread attention his words have been getting and he insists he didn’t do it for attention, saying, "I'm not trying to get famous or something like that. I was just trying to say something nice."

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