Nashville Woman Launches All Female Ride Share Service

Passenger talking to cab driver and showing her the smartphone

Photo: FG Trade / E+ / Getty Images

After moving to Nashville as a single woman and working as a rideshare driver, entrepreneur Heather Lehrman, says she often felt uneasy, never knowing if her next rider was going to be a danger to her safety. “I was nervous not knowing who was getting in my car next,” she says, “All you get is a name and click, next ride. You don’t know who you are picking up.”

To address this issue and create a safer environment for both drivers and riders, Lehman decided to launch her own rideshare company, Nash Pink Ride. In addition to boasting an all-pink fleet of vehicles, her venture is unique in that it's reservation-based, allowing both drivers and passengers to know who they'll be riding with in advance.

Lehrman, who is also an author and Realtor, launched her new ride service this week. She expects the service to be popular with bachelorette parties, but her main goal is to cater to locals, particularly single females like herself. “I want them all to feel safe,” she says. And she hopes that pretty soon everybody in Nashville is familiar with her pink rides. “I think it is just going to be instead of word of mouth, it will be car of mouth,” she says, “People just seeing it around town, and it just bringing a smile to everyone’s face.”

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