Woman Finds Pearl In Clam Dinner, Creates Engagement Ring


Photo: PEDRE / E+ / Getty Images

Sandy Sikorski’s and her fiancé Ken Steinkamp met through a dating service on a rainy night in December 2019. They were both living in Westerly and quickly realized they were soul mates. They have since weathered the ups and downs of a relationship.

The breathtaking jewel on Sikorski’s left hand came to the couple in a most conspicuous way. She slurped it from a clam, believed to be from Narragansett Bay, at the Bridge Restaurant and Oyster Bar over Christmas 2021.

The couple gasped at the silky cream-colored pearl before them!

“Time together speaks to the importance of getting engaged,” Steinkamp says. “We had rings early on, just as a token of our commitment, but this (pearl ring) amps up the promise. I think it’s the making of a Hallmark movie.”

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