Woman With Allergy Buys All The Peanuts On Her Flight

Salted Peanuts and Asthma Inhaler

Photo: Tim Grist Photography / Moment / Getty Images

If your peanut allergy is bad enough, you buy out the entire plane. That’s what Leah Williams did after she informed the staff on her flight that she had a severe nut allergy and asked that passengers not be given nuts. The staff refused, so to keep herself safe from the nuts she bought them. All 48 packets of them.

The bill? Almost $200, which is crazy once you find out that her ticket for the flight was only $63. She’s now asking for a refund, but the airline is saying she didn’t have to buy the nuts and added in their statement that passengers should have “at least one, most of the time even two” Epipens with them on a flight.

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