Florida Man Steals Vintage Porsche, Tried To Register It

Car Thief Using a Screwdriver to Brake into a Car

Photo: vm / E+ / Getty Images

A Florida man proved he never registered very high on an IQ test, by stealing a $250,000 car and going a few miles across town to register it as his own new purchase.

Daniel Boyce was busted after swiping the 1977 Porsche from the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. The 36-year-old Boyce allegedly used gasoline at the car museum to start the vehicle, and the keys were left on the drivers-side floorboard.

After fleeing the scene, the crook drove to the department of motor vehicles, where he used a fake business name to register the car using forged sale papers and serial numbers from another Porsche.

When asked if he'd stolen the vehicle, Boyce said "I do not recall."

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