Gigantic Service Dog Takes Up An Entire Row Of Seats On Flight

Great Dane Dog

Photo: Jennifer_Sharp / iStock / Getty Images

Passengers onboard an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York City last week were stunned by their fellow passenger taking up an entire row of seats … but were totally fine with it because she was such a good girl. Darwin, a 140-pound Great Dane, is Gabriel Bogner's emotional support dog and she became an instant celebrity the moment she got to the gate at LAX. Fellow travelers were in awe of both the enormous dog's size and how well behaved she was.

The flight crew loved having her and even let her say hello to the pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit before taking her seats. That's right, seats. Bogner purchased an entire row for Darwin so that she could spread out and not bother anybody. Not that anyone was bothered, because they all loved having her on the plane. One person even went so far as to say she was “better behaved then most adults on the flight." And for anyone wondering, Bogner says he suffers from anxiety as a result of a chronic illness and that's why he had Darwin qualified as a service dog.

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