These Wedding "Must Haves" Turn Out To Be A Waste Of Money

Bride In Bedroom Having Second Thoughts Before Wedding

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Weddings can get pretty expensive and the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. in 2021 was $28-thousand, according to a study by The Knot. Couples typically have a budget to work with, but how they spend that money all depends on what’s most important to them on their big day. And the thing is, they may end up with regrets about what they decide to splurge on, like one former bride did.

Brooke McConnell took to TikTok to share the items she bought for her wedding “that were not worth the money.” She hopes to help future brides save money by sharing her spending regrets. The former bride’s video lists:

  • “The first one is my wedding shoes,” Brooke says, showing a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. “They look amazing in this photo, but no one ever saw them.”
  • Number two is the wedding sneakers she bought for after she changed out of those designer heels. She says she bought a “nice pair,” thinking she would wear them again, but she explains that the all-white sneakers are now “trashed.” She adds that there’s a pair that look identical at Dillard’s for $80 and warns other brides, “so, don’t do it.”
  • Brooke says she heard she should buy a special fragrance for the big day, but she lists that expensive perfume as not being worth the price tag. She says the guests and her husband, Ryan, couldn’t smell the scent by the time she got to the wedding.
  • The feathery pajama set the bride bought for getting ready on her wedding day is another regret because she says she’ll never wear them again.
  • And the last item Brooke says wasn’t worth the splurge? Her wedding invitations, although she admits she’s torn on the expense. “I was glad I spent a lot of money because people were really excited about them, but at the end of the day they go into the trash,” she says. “Kind of worth it, kind of not, it's a toss-up.”
  • Lots of viewers chimed in with their own wedding spending regrets and it turns out, expensive invitations and perfume are something many brides wish they hadn’t spent so much on.
  • In a follow-up video, Brooke lists things she’s glad she’s happy she bought, including the flowers, unique name tags and chandeliers over the dance floor.

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