ATM In Ireland Was Handing Out Free Money

Taking money from ATM machine

Photo: webphotographeer / E+ / Getty Images

A technical problem with the Bank of Ireland ended up allowing customers to withdraw more from their accounts than they had available. This resulted in hundreds of people lining up at the Lisduggan location at 10 pm to grab some found money. One person even confessed they withdrew over $1,000 from their account…which they didn’t exactly have available.

So, what the heck caused this SNAFU? The fault reportedly lies with the online app that allows people who don’t have money in their account to transfer up to $1,000 into a Revolut digital bank account and withdraw it from an ATM. Meanwhile, the sneaky customers aren’t getting off so easy. Apparently, whoever took advantage of the glitch will have that money charged back to their account.

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