Zoom Marriage?!

Young woman on the internet with marry me sign

Photo: Peter Dazeley / The Image Bank / Getty Images

I now pronounce you Husband and…nope! A woman in the UK and a man in Michigan have been granted an annulment after the couple met, married, then lived over Zoom. Ayse Reeves and Darrin Martin, who are both in their 20’s met on a Facebook group during lockdown. Darrin then proposed to Ayse in May 2021 via FaceTime, and then the couple married in August 2021 over a ZOOM call in a legal ceremony officiated in Utah. At least the couple in the video below were together during their Zoom wedding.

The marriage quickly crumbled after cheating claims were leveled at each other and by December of the same year, Ayse filed for an annulment. "Looking back, it feels like it wasn’t real because I didn’t meet him,” the former wife confessed. "I was in a little bubble, I got so swept up in getting married that I didn't think about how it was a crazy thing to do. "I've definitely learned not to rush into things." The annulment degree has been granted and both parties are free to meet and fall in love in real life now.

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