Parents Facing Backlash On The "Egg Crack Challenge"

A 4 years old boy cooking at home with his mum

Photo: Catherine Delahaye / Stone / Getty Images

It seems like there’s always some new challenge on TikTok and the latest trend has parents cracking eggs on their toddlers’ heads. The the hashtag #eggcrackchallenge has more than 52-million views so far, with videos showing moms and some dads inviting their tots to cook with them, only to break an egg on their head.

In most clips, after the egg gets broken, the parents are cracking up, but the kids? Not so much. The young kiddos have a range of reactions, with one toddler bursting into tears, others are bewildered, like this little girl, and a few even curse, including this cutie and this little guy. The parents appear to be having a lot more fun than the kids here and plenty of people call the grown-ups out for it.

One of the most vocal critics is Sarah Adams, who goes by @mom.charted on TikTok and regularly posts about the dangers of parental oversharing. “When I see those videos I think, ‘Are we that bored as parents and desperate for content?’” she argues in a video condemning the egg crack challenge.“[Are we] needing to post on the internet so bad because it is so consuming to be a part of this world?” Other commenters have shared:

“Poor thing, she looked really excited to cook with you too,” writes one. “You were the only one laughing.”

“And that’s how you lose trust,” shares another.

And a third writes, “Poor baby, she looked so hurt and confused.”

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