Breastfeeding While DJ'ing!

Mother breastfeeding baby on arm chair in living room

Photo: Oscar Wong / Moment / Getty Images

Rockin’-a-bye baby…A DJ in Los Angeles may be the ultimate multitasker, revealing that she breastfeeds her baby while spinning tunes. Heather Christie says she’s taken her daughter to over 70 of her gigs, rocking her and feeding her when necessary. “I breastfeed onstage because it’s after her bedtime, and the only way she goes to sleep is by nursing,” Christie said in a recent interview.

So, how does she actually do it? Christie says has to put one leg up on the table while DJ’ing with one hand while the other holds the baby. “Even though it’s a novel and anomaly, it still made me think we are ready to embrace us mothers doing our thing, which is so powerful for moms,” says Christie.

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