10 Dating Rules Keeps Relationship Going For 6 Years

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Couples who stay together long-term have figured out what works for them, even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else. A young woman is sharing the “controversial” rules she and her boyfriend of six years follow, and the TikTok video has sparked a debate about whether they’re too strict or just sensible.

Gia Aldisert credits her happy and long-lasting relationship to sticking to these rules, but in the clip, she says multiple times that she and her boyfriend trust each other and have “nothing to hide.” The 21-year-old’s rules are:(NSFW)

Both of them have their phone location turned on “at all times” for “convenience and safety.”

No strip clubs for him - “I just don't get the point of a guy with a girlfriend going to strip clubs,” Gia says. “It's a bunch of naked chicks dancing on him and also raunchier things happen. Not to mention, why are you paying her bills? You should be paying my bills, if anything.”

'Girls trips' or 'boys trips' are allowed - They both agree that it’s important to experience their own things since they started dating at such a young age.

No liking 'thirst trap' photos on Instagram - “Liking someone's picture is completely public so everyone can now see that one of us doesn't respect the other if they're going around liking thirst traps,” Gia says.

Don't follow Instagram models of the opposite sex - She doesn’t see the point of “following a random person that you’re attracted to” and says it’s “inappropriate.”

Both can have friends of the opposite sex, but they can't be best friends - There are also boundaries with these opposite sex pals, like no sleepovers and no flirting.

Both can go to nightclubs

Both know each other's phone passwords

Porn isn't allowed to be watched - Gia says she’s not cool with porn because it’s “really toxic for your mind, gives you unrealistic standards, and it’s super addictive.”

They’ve promised each other they won’t get married until they’re financially stable - She’s still in college, they’re both “super young” and weddings are very expensive, so they’ll wait to have a huge one when they can afford it.

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