Wild Police Chase With A Variety Of Transportation Modes

Two police officers are frogmarching a suspect

Photo: MattoMatteo / E+ / Getty Images

A robbery suspect in Vermont is finally in custody after evading police for days using almost every mode of transportation possible.

52-year-old Eric Edson was wanted by police in connection with the robbery of a store in Burlington on August 24th. Cops found him a week later after he was spotted passed out inside a running vehicle that had matched the description of one used in the robbery. When officers woke him up, he quickly took off and sped away, lightly striking both officers. Cops found him later in the day and pursued him on foot until he stole a bicycle and rode away to a nearby pier at Lake Champlain where he stole a sailboat and tried to sail away.

Edson was eventually pursued by the Coast Guard until he ran the sailboat aground and he fled on foot. A few days later, police received a tip that Edson as spotted in a kayak on nearby river. When he saw police, he stopped the kayak on land and fled on foot again. He then jumped back into the river and swam to the other side, where he was finally met by state police and game wardens. Edson was taken into custody and brought to the hospital for some injuries he sustained while on the run. He is facing over a dozen charges for armed robbery and trying to evade police.

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