$500 Tip At Amherst Restaurant Made The Staff's Day

Person paying waiter for restaurant bill

Photo: Flashpop / DigitalVision / Getty Images

The staff at "Amherst Burger Company" have been struggling keeping business going. One day a man walked in just like any other day. The staff greeted him and served him. While having his meal he noticed that the staff seemed very busy and stressed. When he asked what was going on, the bar manager explained that they were understaffed that day.

After the man finished his meal he left a $500 tip. The bar manager immediately thought it was a mistake, she ran out of the restaurant to find him. When she saw the generous customer in the distance he gave her the peace sign and went on his way. The bar manager ran to the back of the restaurant very emotional explaining what kind act this customer had done. The whole staff was overjoyed, at the end of the day the whole staff split up the tip between each of them.

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