Namaste Murder?!

Multiracial people lying on exercise mat in yoga class

Photo: Luis Alvarez / DigitalVision / Getty Images

Police in England swarmed a community park expecting to find a gruesome scene after some local dog walkers called and reported seeing several dead bodies as a result of a "ritual mass murder." Officers arrived and found the bodies, but they weren't dead. They were taking a yoga class.

The North Sea Observatory, which occasionally hosts yoga events, explained on social media that "someone had reported a mass killing in our building. Having seen several people laying on the floor... Which actually turned out to be the yoga class in meditation." The post continued, "Dear General Public, please be mindful that the Observatory has lots of yoga classes happening in the evenings. We are not part of any mad cult or crazy clubs." The yoga instructor said they were all shocked by the police presence. She said the participants were "in a beautiful deep relaxation and it could have never run through any of our minds that it could be taken in this way."

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