13 Dolls And Me

creepy vintage dolls

Photo: Carol Yepes / Moment / Getty Images

Everyone who is about to become a parent prepares for it differently, but one woman took it to another level. Jess Ellis and her fiancé are "parents" to 13 fake babies, including changing them and taking them out for walks in strollers. Ellis started to collect reborn dolls, this means that the doll looks like an actual baby, these dolls are modeled after infants. She said that after she bought her first doll for about $300 it became an obsession.

The second doll she bought was almost $700, in total she has spent almost $7,500 on her collection. Her most expensive doll is $2,100. She mentioned that sometimes when she is out in public with them, they get mistaken for real babies. She says if she is in a hurry and people say how cute the babies are she just says "thank you" and goes on her way. But she said that if she has time she will explain that they are dolls and she says people seem very interested.

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