Stuff You Missed 10-3-23

Stuff You Missed 10-2-23

Tim Wakefield sadly passed away. The Big E wrapping up. Neighbors Helping Neighbors day.

Stuff You Missed 9-29-23

Doctor saves man's life due to flight change. Man denied access to Phillies game due to emotional support alligator.

Stuff You Missed 9-28-23

Presidential Debate mishaps, Houston middle school promotes acts on kindness, and Best places for fall foliage.

Zito Talks To Bill Burr

Zito has known Bill since he started, Bill called in to reminisce and plug and upcoming performance.

Peter Wingate Has Vital Info About Helping With Your Heat Bill

Zito and Suzanne get some good news about your heat bills that a lot of us could really use right now.

Stuff You Missed: The Office Helps Save A Life

A Dad saves his daughter. MA bus driver puts out car fire. Chippendales movie on the way.

Stuff You Missed: ‘A Christmas Story’ Sequel about Adult Ralphie Coming to HBO

Selma Blair withdraws from 'Dancing With the Stars' for health reasons. ‘A Christmas Story’ Sequel about adult Ralphie coming to HBO. The Powerball is over 500 million!

Stuff You Missed: Harry Styles Hit By Bottle During Concert

Patriots win again with Zappe. Robert Kraft got married. Harry Styles hit by a bottle during concert.

Stuff You Missed: Will Mac Be Back?

Another positive story of people helping Florida hurricane victims. The final Halloween movie out today! Will Mac Jones be on the field on Sunday.