The Morning Show with Zito

The Morning Show with Zito

The Morning Show with Zito


Zito & Friends: Hungry For Comedy

Need a laugh?

Zito has called up his friends Kelly MacFarland, Corey Rodrigues, and Jimmy Dunn to bring some laughs right to your screen in his new comedy special "Zito & Friends: Hungry For Comedy."

We're all hungry for a laugh, but some of our neighbors need our help putting food on the table.

So while you sit back and enjoy a much-needed chuckle, please consider making a donation to our friends at the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts and Worcester County Food Bank.

Support The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts by visiting

Support The Worcester County Food Bank by visiting Type "comedy" in the box labeled "What prompted you to give today?"

Watch the full video below!

*WARNING: This comedy special is intended for adults age 18 and older. Video contains adult content and brief expletives.*

Can't get enough? Check out the stars' websites for more of their work and to check out their upcoming events!


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