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Zito's Search for the World's Best Person: St Patrick's Day Edition

Zito's search for the best person in the world continues this month with a special nod to St Patrick's Day. This month he's invited two hilarious Irish-American comedians on the show, but unfortunately neither of them have a cool accent. That's why Zito invited a Barbadian-American comedian to join the fun. We know, he's definitely not Irish, but at least someone on the show has a great accent!

Christine Hurley

Christine Hurley is known as “The Queen” of Boston comedy!

Married to her high school sweetheart and raising five kids, Christine is never at a loss for words. Christine’s very first time on a comedy stage resulted in her appearing on the nationally televised show, Nick-At-Nite’s “Search For America’s Funniest Mom!”

Christine recently performed on the “Masters Show” at the Montreal Comedy Festival. Christine works regularly at the casinos of Aruba, Las Vegas, Florida and the MGM franchise! Her all time favorite event (until this one, of course) is Denis Leary’s annual “Comics Come Home” show at the Boston Garden! CCH is going into it’s 25th year and is the largest and longest running comedy show fundraiser in the United States! Christine has been honored to be part of this star studded show several times. Christine received a standing ovation from Boston Garden faithful at her last performance! Here she is in action! (WARNING: Adult language and content!)

Christine Hurley appears on the album Best Of Boston Stand-Up Vol. 1.

Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy, The Comedy Barbarian, is the quintessential take no prisoners comedian! Mike has been seen on Showtime and Comedy Central.
His high-energy act leaves audiences bouncing off the walls and gasping for breath. He hits the stage like a titan and does not relent until the entire audience is under his spell laughing at things they never thought they would. Some comics make you laugh; Mike McCarthy will make you laugh till you cry.

Mike is also know for his "Boston Barbarian Sports Minute" videos. Here's one from a happier times in Patriot Nation. Caution: It's wicked hard core, kid. Check him out here! (WARNING! Adult language and content!)

Comedian Carl Yard was born on the tiny Caribbean Island of Barbados. After immigrating to Boston in the summer of 1984, Carl was immediately drawn to the thriving Boston comedy scene. "Growing up in Barbados, I would watch people act on TV and I would think to myself, 'I can do that, I want to do that.' I never set out to be a comedian, but I always knew I loved performing."

Carl Yard is a hilarious comedian, provocateur, and voice of reason. He can change gears from silly comedy to insightful critiques of race relations in America so quickly that the audience barely has a chance to realize they've been touched by one of the smartest voices working today. The laughs keep on coming! (At least they will when comedy clubs open back up!) Take a look at Carl in action. (WARNING: Adult language and content!)

Photo: iStockphoto

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