The Morning Show with Zito

The Morning Show with Zito

The Morning Show with Zito

Stuff You Missed 5-29-24

Stuff You Missed 5-28-24

Identical twins from Massachusetts graduate as Hamilton college co-valedictorians. Uber eats driver helped Detroit family escape burning home. You can buy a summer house on the Cape for just $12.5 Million!

Nick O'Malley Foodie 5-24-24

Zito chats with Nick this week about the new Grandma McFlurry from McDonalds.

Stuff You Missed 5-24-24

A NY teacher wins HGTV dreamhouse after almost not entering. A mom was fined $80,000 after kids collect beach clams instead of seashells. Google AI is giving people bad advice sometimes...

Stuff You Missed 5-23-24

A follow up on a pajama story. Man who jumped on top of whale is now facing serious fines. Steve from Blue's Clues did a graduation speech.

Stuff You Missed 5-22-24

Woman struck by lightning says she can now see the future. Social media team challenge. Some Ben and J-Lo news.

Stuff You Missed 5-21-24

Soon you'll be able to use your face to pay for your food. Red Lobster has filed for bankruptcy. Courtney Cox says she's still communicating with Matthew Perry.

Stuff You Missed 5-20-24

Deployed mom surprises her son at his graduation/ Billionaire UMass Dartmouth graduation speaker gives graduates $1000. Some news of Zito's daughter's graduation.

Nick O'Malley Foodie!!! 5-17-24

This week Zito talks with Nick about Asparagus Ice Cream... Would you try some?

Stuff You Missed 5-17-24

FedEx driver saves pregnant woman out of her car after catching fire from being hit from a crash. Quintuplets make history graduating from the same college together. 90-year old sets a sprint goal.