The Morning Show with Zito

The Morning Show with Zito

The Morning Show with Zito

Stuff You Missed 12-7-23

Stuff You Missed 12-6-23

Worcester and Springfield make the top 10 best housing markets in the country. A policeman gets punched in the face by a kangaroo. In China people are buying grilled ice.

Stuff You Missed 12-5-23

An off duty police officer noticed a man on a bridge, he stepped into help, because he didn't look stable. A middle school teacher adopts student because she said she didn't have a family. Kansas City Chiefs lost a game even though Taylor Swift was in the audience.

Stuff You Missed 12-4-23

Carjacker steals a car while car is running, with a little girl in the backseat. Lady discovers a bank error that made it look like she had 86 million in the bank. Boy fixes Legos and then gives them away.

Stuff You Missed 12-1-23

Twins reconnect after being separated for 19 years, but find each other through TIkTok. Lady in Australia finds a snake inside of her scale.

Stuff You Missed 11-30-23

Auto repair shop fixes up a car and then donated it to a mom in need. Carjackers trying to steal a car, but they couldn't drive it because it was a manual transmission. 92 year old woman collects money with the town community to get a huge Christmas tree in the town.

Dad Like A Warrior with Guest Jeff Wickersham

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Stuff You Missed 11-29-23

Family gets saved after getting stuck in the mountains after getting Christmas trees. A teen girl stops a runaway bus from running into a gas station. A FL woman tries to pay for her groceries with fake cash, then tries eating the money to hide it.

Stuff You Missed 11-28-23

15 year old girl saves little girls life. Man walks around a Disneyland ride naked. Hallmark Christmas movies, going at it with Ted Lasso.

Stuff You Missed 11-27-23

Cyber Monday is today! Hikers found an injured dog who has been missing for 2 months. A robot has been developed that will pick up your kid's clothes.