April 2018 Teacher of the Month

Mrs. Carlo, reading specialist at Saint Peter Central Catholic, was honored as the 96-1 SRS UniBank Teacher of the Month.

Winning Letter:

As I sit here today thinking about how extremely hard teacher s work and as a teacher myself I was inspired to write in to nomination this special lady Robin Carlo for teacher of the month.  This amazing teacher has not only helped my son, but has helped many other children with reading/writing learning disabilities.  I honestly don’t know where to begin.  My son Matteo was diagnosed with dyslexia an as mom I was devastated and so afraid for him wondering How his day would be? Would he be called on to read and not be able to? Would he be made fun of? Would his teacher understand? When all these crazy thought were running thorough my head she would always be there to tell me that everything would be ok.  Over the past three years Robin has been his refuge and my lamppost.  She would take time of f of her busy day to travel to my town to attend IEP meetings to advocate for him. I could call her or email her any time of day and she would get back to me within the hour. I could say so much more, but it would take days. Never would she ask for anything in return even if it was her day off.  Over these past 3 years, he went from not being able to read to reading his first chapter book.  What a milestone! He can now read restaurant menus and navigate the world.  I was so overjoyed with his success that it brought tears to my eyes. Because of Robin he is now a confident students. 

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