Warning: Beware the Pool Noodle

Portrait of smiling girl with pool noodle under water in swimming pool

Photo: Getty Images

Texas residents who have pools are being warned about a hidden danger lurking inside their pool noodles -- rattlesnakes.

According to wildlife officials, Texas is home to 10 species of rattlesnakes, and some of them are finding the inside of pool noodles to be a comfortable place to chill. The Salado, Texas Fire Department says they recently responded to a home where residents picked up a pool noodle and a rattler fell out. There were also some baby snakes inside the noodle as well. Officials say it's not unusual for rattlesnakes to be attracted to the cool and damp inside of a pool noodle, especially as temperatures get much warmer outside. A post on the department's Facebook page warns, "Before kicking back and relaxing near your pool this summer. We are warning families to be on the lookout for rattlesnakes. There could be snakes in your pool noodles." It goes on to say, "It's best to keep your pool toys elevated or in some type of sealed container." (USA Today)

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